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Local Plans &

Neighbourhood Plans

We help local councils engage effectively with emerging Local Plans and other planning authority documents. This includes making representations for them at the formal consultation stages and participating at the examination public hearings.


Sustaining a position on an emerging Local Plan sometimes over several years, makes it difficult for a clerk to cover and resource. We anticipate our help will become more important as LPAs begin to adopt the new, slim-lined plan making system, with much narrower opportunities for communities to engage with the process.


We also offer a comprehensive neighbourhood planning service, including policy drafting, stakeholder engagement, site assessments, examination and project management for new plans and those being reviewed. And we are now starting to help some local councils in making neighbourhood priorities statements.

Clients include:

24 urban town councils and neighborhood forums,

27 market and rural town councils,

130 parish councils across,

57 different LPA areas

“Our neighbourhood plan project was complex and challenging technically and politically. We had an unhelpful LPA and were under intense pressures from developers. ONH helped us navigate our way through the project, building our knowledge and confidence as we went along. The examiner commended our plan and it sailed through the referendum with a high turnout and yes vote.”


- Town Clerk

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