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ONH is a social enterprise providing a range of planning and development services to town and parish councils, neighbourhood forums and landowners and developers from Norfolk to Cheshire and Dorset to Kent, and most places in between.


Our social mission is to enable community-supported, high quality and sustainable development to be delivered and to engage successfully with local communities along the way. We measure our social impact through the number of community-led projects we support, the financial value of the in-kind support we provide and the number of new homes allocated in plans we support or approved by planning applications and orders we submit for clients.


Our small but growing team is a unique blend of highly experienced and expert professional planners, architects and former senior town council officers. We also have a number of associate experts covering every technical requirement a project will need.


We combine a friendly but professional approach, with a strong focus on enabling communities to punch above their weight in the system and on ensuring our landowner clients can deliver high quality, sustainable development schemes.

You can see our Social Impact Statement for 2022/23 using this link.

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