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Built out residential development


Developers & Agents

We offer landowners, developers and agents a complete package of services to secure planning permission for high quality, viable schemes. We find sites, sometimes through our neighbourhood planning work, and can help appraise and promote suitable sites found by clients. We are adept at designing and executing effective local stakeholder engagement strategies as part of making planning applications.

Clients include:

A small number of sub-regional SME developers and housebuilders and landowners.

“It is difficult to get land promotion right these days. Communities can quickly see through ‘developer guff’, especially those with neighbourhood plans. ONH are a very different type of planning consultancy. They will tell us if we’re wasting our time but if they’re also convinced it’s the right thing to build in the right place they’ll help us deliver a successful the engagement and promotion strategy. They know how to engage with local communities in a genuine and meaningful way, which can make a huge difference.”

- Local Developer, Buckinghamshire

Masterplan for residential development
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