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About Us

Our professional consulting team provides a trusted, end to end project service to clients. We specialise in neighbourhood planning and master-planning, and have a wealth of experience in the UK planning and development sectors. We work for local communities and developers to plan, design and deliver development through neighbourhood plans, master-plans and regeneration schemes. 


We employ chartered and graduate planners, architects and sustainable development profession-als. We also have an associate network of other professional consultants in landscape, design, eco-logy, historic building conservation and transport engineering.


Design + Development

Oneill Homer has successfully delivered a wide range of projects from small scale individual devel-opments to large scale mixed use regeneration projects of 1,000 plus dwellings.

Our development experience is supported by masterplanning, architecture and planning skills that can help unlock sites with difficult technical and planning challenges.


We work with a site’s constraints to create viability and value underpinned by effective placemaking and sustainable  engineering strategies.


We work in partnership to promote land through a design led planning approach.


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Neighbourhood Planning

Oneill Homer is the market leader in providing independent professional planning support to Town and Parish Councils and Neighbourhood Forums preparing neighbourhood plans. 

Since 2012, we have helped 127 projects across 47 different local planning authority areas from Dorset to Norfolk and from Worcestershire to Sussex, including London. Of those we have seen through to their referendums, 51 plans have now been ‘made’.

We offer a full range of help, from evidence gathering and analysis through to policy writing and document production and tailor our work to suit the available budget. 

We also advise on community consultation strateg-ies and liaise with the local planning authorities and developers.


2021 Neighbourhood Plan Successes

Oneill Homer have enjoyed further success in recent neighbourhood plans that have gone to referendum, all eleven plans passed with a strong majority vote bringing our total made plans to 70. 

Testimonials from our clients:

Following up on my tweet from last night I just wanted to say again how knowledgeable, supportive and responsive you’ve been throughout our time working together.  We couldn’t have done it without you! A pleasure working with you – and look forward to do doing so again in the future.



Thanks, over the years, to all of your efforts with many 'pro-bono' hours spent sorting out the glitches and intricacies.



Thank you for all of your support with this process.



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Studio B, 55 Spenser Road

London, SE24 0NS


Telephone: 07544 651 057 or 

07833 462 991

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