Welshmill Lane

Located north of Frome town centre this 0.44 hectare site which is adjacent to the River Frome is an unusual example of a former gas production works that was not cleaned up by the industry before disposal. 


The site had a historic legacy of contamination from the town gas production process and without remediation presented a high risk to the adjacent watercourse and a medium to high risk to users of the site from a range of sources. Redevelopment offered the opportunity to ensure the site was remediated and the identified risks removed.

Two planning applications were made; the first a detailed planning application for the demolition of buildings, remediation works and the construction of a bat barn for the relocation of existing roosts, and the second an outline planning application for residential development.

The development has been completed providing 32 affordable dwellings along with improvements to the river bank as an ecological corridor, leisure amenity and pedestrian/cycle connection to the town centre.

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