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Over the years we have helped some clients on other planning matters as they have arisen, either during the preparation of their neighbourhood plan or afterwards. We have reviewed and refined our planning service offer and it is now available to all our neighbourhood plan clients and to other town and parish councils located in local planning authority areas where we support neighbourhood plans.

The service includes:


making representations on planning applications, including pre-app consultations and masterplans


making the case for Secretary of State Call-Ins and Recoveries of proposals in conflict with a made or well-progressed neighbourhood plan


acting as expert witnesses at planning appeals


working with land interests to bring forward sites allocated in made plans


making representations on emerging Local Plans, AAPs, SPDs and other planning-related documents (e.g. Joint Spatial Strategies), including participating at public inquiries


designing client monitoring processes for made Plans


facilitating orientation sessions for clients and their local planning authority development management officers on newly made Plans



assessing land use/development potential and assisting in formulating, promoting and/or implementing proposals through the planning system



training sessions covering a wide range of topics from familiarisation with planning policy, to planning for town/village centres of the future 

If you wish to discuss your needs with us then please contact us

We design our service offers so they are tailor made to clients’ specific needs and budgets, either on a project-by-project basis or as an ‘as and when needed’ retained service.

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