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We have been at the forefront of neighbourhood planning for ten years. As of October 2021 we have supported over 170 projects across 51 different local planning authority areas. More than half have succeeded at referendum or are at examination, with many more approaching that stage. In the last couple of years we have also begun to return to clients to help support the review, modification and replacement of their made plans.

We have developed a distinct approach drawn from our unrivalled experience. At the project outset, our 'Six Drivers Model' helps clients to gain rich, early insights into the context of their plans - 'the art of the possible’. We then use a series of tried and tested document templates and project management processes to enable clients to navigate their plans through to successful examinations and referendum.

Our support focuses on those activities where our experience shows we add most value for our clients, including:


evidence gathering and analysis


spatial strategy design


site assessments, including site capacity studies and design briefs and integration with SA/SEA


planning policy drafting and justification, including design coding and local nature recovery strategy design


community engagement strategy design and implementation, including public events


liaison with the planning authority, statutory bodies and land interests


basic condition statement drafting and advice on consultation statement


document production, including policy maps


advice on project governance and project management support


examiner selection and examination support

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We tailor our support to match the client’s own resources and available budget (including where using the grant funding from the Government’s Neighbourhood Planning Support Programme). At every step we aim to increase the client’s understanding of the planning system so they are able to monitor how well their Plan is being implemented by the local planning authority.