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 Kenilworth Strategic Allocations Masterplanning

​The recently adopted Warwick District Local Plan makes a series of strategic land allocations for Kenilworth. The Kenilworth Neighbourhood Plan aimed to establish and advise how these allocations would fit into and improve the existing community.


We have supported this Plan that complements the recently adopted Warwick District Local Plan by setting out the key development principles for a series of strategic land allocations around the edge of this historic town in the Warwickshire Green Belt. The principles cover the distribution of 2,000 new homes across five sites released from the Green Belt and the location of new schools and local shops. They also set out how a combination of the new road network and green infrastructure will shape the creation of distinct development sites. In other policies, the Plan sets out proposals for improving the town centre and its connectivity to the new station and Kenilworth Castle, and for raising the standards of design across its many Conservation Areas. The Plan has recently passed its examination. 


We joined the project after the Town Council decided to support rather than object to the emerging Local Plan proposals to release land from the Green Belt. We liaised with the planning authority, the highways authority and various land promoters to negotiate mutually supported development policies for each site. We helped the Council promote the emerging ideas with local residents and drafted all of the policies in the Plan. We also provided the design analysis for its Conservation Area policies, and, as with all our projects, we have drafted the Basic Conditions Statement.

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