Longcliffe Farm

A private residential project involving the demolition of two existing buildings and
redundant farm structures and their replacement with a 1,087m2 single new dwelling as the ‘farmhouse’ for a 400 hectare arable farm.


To justify the case for redevelopment a highly sustainable design supported by a
Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment was required to demonstrate the proposal would not result in adverse impact on the openness of the nearby green belt or open countryside.

The design of the dwelling has been created to respond to local character and history and to reflect the identity of the local agricultural surroundings and materials with a highly insulated lightweight construction and an oak frame, and
bricks reclaimed from the demolition of cow sheds.


The layout and solar orientation create microclimates to protect the building and
outdoor spaces with an energy strategy based on biomass generation and use of below ground structures as a heat sink.

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