Adderbury - Design Policy

Adderbury is a village situated on the edge of the Cotswolds in North Oxfordshire and is noted for its magnificent Church, which features an impressive steeple.

The recently adopted Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan sought to plan positively for the future of the Parish on a range of issues and the Local Planning Authority encouraged the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan.

The District benefits from having an up-to-date strategic planning policy framework and a five-year supply of housing land. This has helped provide the Parish Council with a clear strategy with which to come forward with complementary policies for the Parish of Adderbury.

A draft plan was prepared in 2013-2015 but was not considered sufficiently robust to withstand the scrutiny of the examination process. The Council, in agreement with the Local Planning Authority decided to revisit the vision and objectives and to prepare a new plan for consultation, submission and examination in 2016. We joined the project at this point and helped to form a clear vision and objectives for the Neighbourhood Plan that would ensure that the document would be an effective development management tool.

As well as meeting the necessary requirements of the regulations, we assisted in writing the eleven design policies that seek to maintain the strong local community identity and enjoyment of living in a charming village, as well as ensuring that heritage assets are not harmed by inappropriate development.