Woughton - Estate Regeneration

There are very few examples of neighbourhood plans seeking to tackle estate regeneration. 

The Woughton Community Neighbourhood Plan is one of only two neighbourhood plans in England that have sought to address major estate regeneration proposals in a comprehensive way. ​Therefore, there was no precedent in England for a neighbourhood plan in playing this role in this type of situation. 

The parish of Woughton forms one of the larger areas of Milton Keynes, and occupies a strategic location in the city, lying astride the main east-west A421 trunk road and adjoining the main north-south A5 trunk road. 


Each of Woughton's housing areas is distinct from its neighbours, divided by the grid road and parkland infrastructure that characterises most of the city. The Neighbourhood Plan was being prepared at a time when Milton Keynes Council was setting up a major, 15 year regeneration programme for the city, and the Council was happy for the Neighbourhood Plan to play a part in shaping decisions in the future. 

We helped the Neighbourhood Planning group to translate the community’s preferences for how the refurbishment and/or redevelopment of regeneration areas should happen into a set of planning policies which informed and complemented the direction of strategic planning policies.