Sovereign Harbour Site 1

​The development proposals for this 2.11 hectare beach front site which is located on the southern tip of Sovereign Harbour adjacent to the harbour entrance required a sensitive and ambitious architectural design approach in response to the setting which includes a scheduled monument; Martello Tower No. 66.


The Martello Towers is one of the few remaining in this area which was part of a chain of former naval defences. Oneill Homer provided an integrated architectural and heritage design approach working with Historic England to agree a set of detail design parameters to ensure the scheme’s impacts on the setting of the Martello Tower would be acceptable and to allow it to be brought forward through an outline planning application. 


A sinuous arrangement of beach lofts and beach houses creates a landmark at the harbour entrance and a backdrop to the Martello Tower with a new public open space designed around the ecology of the shingle flora and fauna providing a destination at the harbour mouth.

Sovereign Harbour Site 1.jpg