Ferring - Henty Arms CRTBO

This was the first of three Community Right to Build Orders for the parish of Ferring in Sussex designed to realise the land value of assets controlled by the parish in order to generate funds to develop and maintain a new community hub.

The scheme will help meet the high demand for ‘downsizer housing’ for residents who wish to remain in the village ready access to the shops on the high street but have houses that are too large and expensive to maintain. It will provide 14 open market downsizer houses on a 0.34 hectare site each designed around a private courtyard garden with a shared landscaped space for parking and communal use. 


Low maintenance and management costs will be achieved with a well-designed highly insulated envelope, and the layouts will provide a comfortable environment adaptable to meet changing mobility needs.


The layouts include a fully supported bedroom on the ground floor and first floor giving flexibility to meet changes in mobility and accommodated visitors and carers.