Sedlescombe - Site Allocations

Sedlescombe is well known in the Rother District for taking the lead, so it was a natural step for the Parish Council to commit to the preparation of a neighbourhood plan soon after the Localism Act 2011. 

Following a Parish Council decision to withdraw a 'first edition' of the Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan - in which amendments recommended by the examiner of that plan were considered to be so great it would not reflect the community's wishes - the now made Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan sought to meet the housing quantum set by Rother District Council in its adopted Core Strategy. 

We supported this Plan through its site selection process where there was an emphasis in accommodating the housing quantum growth in a way that considered community needs as well as complementing the adopted Core Strategy. It resulted in the plan allocating over and above the Core Strategy housing number, ensuring financially sustainable community services, and securing new employment and tourism uses. Although this was the main focus of the plan, the process also enabled valuable spaces to be identified which was designated as such. 

We were involved with the 'first edition' of the project and reappointed to support the Parish Council with the now made Plan. We liaised with the planning authority, the highways authority and various land promoters to negotiate mutually supported development policies for each site. As with all our projects, we also drafted the Basic Conditions Statement.