Wadesddon - Spatial Planning

​Waddesdon Parish lies within the Aylesbury Vale District Council area in the County of Buckinghamshire. It is centred on the estate village of Waddesdon Manor on the A41 between Aylesbury and Bicester.

The Neighbourhood Plan sought to accommodate growth while ensuring that it protected its heritage and remained a rural village. The Plan was being prepared during a period of planning uncertainty. The Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan was being prepared and proposed a housing target for the village but this was subject to change, with the threat of speculative planning applications in the meantime.

We helped the Neighbourhood Planning group to translate the community’s vision and key objectives for the future of the village into a set of spatial principles, which in turn directed the housing allocation and other policies of the plan. The simple but compelling logic of this approach has two benefits: it enables the community to understand and support the site allocations and it strengthens the plan in seeing off proposals for other sites.

As a result, the Neighbourhood Plan passed its referendum and has since been effective in justifying the refusal of a major planning application that was in conflict with the plan.