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Bredon - Local Gaps

Bredon Parish is located between the River Avon and Bredon Hill, at “the beginning of the Cotswolds within Wychavon District on the southern edge of the county of Worcestershire.

The recently adopted Bredon Parish Neighbourhood Plan sought to protect the special character of the Parish and encourage development proposals which benefit the local community.

The District benefits from having an up-to-date strategic planning policy framework and a five-year supply of housing land. This helped provide the Parish Council with a clear strategy with which to come forward with complementary policies for the Parish of Bredon.

We assisted in the preparation of this Neighbourhood Plan from the start of the process. As well as meeting the necessary requirements of the regulations, we assisted in writing the fifteen policies which included: identification of a settlement boundary for the village; designation of local gaps; design guidance for new developments; seeking to protect Local Green Spaces, community facilities, key views, local shops, commercial premises and employment and encouraging their expansion; and designating Local Heritage Assets.

The made Neighbourhood Plan designated three local gaps to provide additional protection to open land that may be subject to development pressures.They each make a significant contribution to maintaining the individual and rural character of their adjoining settlements.
The designation helps to maintain a clear separation between settlements in order to retain their individual identity.